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My experience with animation ranges from 2D, 3D, and even 2½D.
I have created short stories and movies, as well as interactive games.
Animated Artworks

My skills extend far beyond just static artworks. I have crafted multiple works involving animation, demonstrated below.
In order to showcase my skills working with UI and HUDs, I created a mockup for a fictional game called the Chrono Bureau.

Essentially it's a game where the player controls a time cop, chasing criminals through time and ensuring that history remains intact.

You can see the title screen, and check out what the HUD would include, as well as a working prototype of one of the menus.

The HUD showcases various pertinent information to the players.

The Map - Allows the player to see where they are, landmarks, and objectives if there are any.
Incognito State - Measured by a 5 stars point system, it looks at how well the player is able to maintain their cover and not draw attention to themselves while time travelling.
Money - Keeps track of how much money the player has, in case they require funds to buy something while travelling.
Completion Status - Tells the player how close they are to completing the level.
Time - There is a timed component to the game wherein the player is only allotted a certain amount of time in a specific period, and this keeps track of how much time the player has been in this time period.

The prototype would be one sub area of the pause menu, which would have in-context information including ease of play, maps, historical information, and how well the player is doing in the game.

Journey to Taimes

Journey to Taimes is a choose your own adventure game, where in the player character has to make the right decisions in order to reach their destination.
Animated Shorts

I have created a number of animated shorts, or sequences using animation, as well as the assets used.
The Lost Cause

The Lost Cause was an animated short about Bunny, who was very hungry and really wanted to eat a carrot.
A Major Story

A Major Story was a short film I worked on as part of a group project during school.

I was in charge of creating the visual assets that were going to be used in the film, as well as the title artwork.

I also took charge of preparing the end credits.

Copyright - Melissa Kuhne

All works were created by me. Due to privacy reasons, some names/company logos have been changed.
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