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Graphic Design

I have created over 100 designs for over a dozen industries, whether for print, web, or digital.
Print Media

I have extensive experience in designing for print media, from promotional material to special events cards, product packaging, and everything in between.
Business Cards

Whether it's creating a business card for an individual, or for an entire company, I have the know-how on making information stand out while also maintaining brand identity.
Event Posters

No matter the event, I'm well-versed on creating an attractive poster that conveys all information required.
Large Format

Often, the goal is to make something that is meant to be seen from a distance, or to be attention grabbing, and I have plenty of experience creating call-to-actions and banners.

My skills also extend to being able to properly showcase data and visualize it in a way that is easy to understand.
Special Events

I have often times worked also to create materials for special events, such as menus, tickets, etc.

I have had the opportunity to create plenty of t-shirt designs, as well as lanyards, sweaters, buttons, etc.
Product Packaging

My skills also extend to creating designs to be used in product packaging, taking into consideration standard requirements while also making it look good.
Copyright - Melissa Kuhne

All works were created by me. Due to privacy reasons, some names/company logos have been changed.
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