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Web Design

I have worked with websites, creating them from scratch, using HTML and other coding.

I also make sure to implement a user interface that takes the user's experience into consideration
Punchhelpers Website

A few years ago, I was commissioned to recreate the Punchhelpers website from scratch - with the original website created in 2001.

Since then, I have been updating the website as needed, considering best design practices in order to make sure that the website is interactive, user friendly, and responsive.

You can visit the website here, and check out a comparison below.
Social Media Strategies

I have plenty of experience working with many social media websites for advertising, marketing, and informational purposes.

I am also a quick learner on new and emerging social media platforms.
Copyright - Melissa Kuhne

All works were created by me. Due to privacy reasons, some names/company logos have been changed.
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